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Clear the Mind * Heal Physical &
Emotional Pain * Restore Balance
Live Better

We are all unique and we all have a higher purpose.  We’re all living and breathing together here in this universal vibration called life.  By reconnecting with our true inner self, we find love.  By letting go and clearing the mind of what we no longer need, we find peace.  By opening our heart, we find joy.  Whatever we need is within us, sometimes we just need a light to guide us on our way.  I help others find their light.   

Love * Peace * Joy


Kristin's Bio

Kris has always had a passion for helping others and has been channeling healing energy since she was a child.  Her highly intuitive nature and connection to spirit, combined with her ability to channel healing energy allows her to give her clients a unique and individual experience.  

Kris is a Usui Reiki Master (RMT), Spiritual Intuitive & Yoga Teacher (RYT 200).  She has trained with gifted healers, coaches, and spiritual teachers.  If you are open to receive, she would love to guide you. 


I was guided to work with Kris during one of the most tender, challenging, and seminal moments in my life. Meeting and working with her I felt like I had been divinely guided to a loving, healing, and gifted angel. Her intuitive gifts and healing presence and abilities comforted, nourished, and guided me beautifully. Her gentle humility, her generous, kind, and loving heart and spirit along with the healing energy and intuitive guidance that came through in our sessions helped me so much with what I was walking through at the time and have made a profound impact on me and in my life going forward. Kris is a rare and special being and working with her is a rare and special blessing.

Rochester, NY

A friend referred me to Kris for Reiki, and I am so happy I showed up for myself by making that first appointment. Her sessions provide me with a clear perspective and renewed sense of myself that I forgot I had within me. Kris is a gifted healer, with a genuine desire and passion to teach her clients how to heal themselves. She is the real thing, and I am truly grateful for our connection, and to my friend for referring me to Kris.

Rochester, NY

You're amazing Kris and I'm grateful for your gift. I appreciate the spiritual readings you have given me. I love that my daughter’s beautiful light has come through. I will ‘meditate’ more as she would like me to. My mom coming through to you to have my dad go to the doctor about his medications probably saved his life. I can’t thank you enough!

Kris’ work is amazing, and she is such a bright light in this world. Her presence and energy guided me right into the light during our session. I could feel the love almost bursting out of the room. Kris is a gifted healer and her connection to the Devine is present with every visit.

~ Pia LoRusso

Rochester, NY

Kris is a true pleasure to be near. She has an incredible ability to tune into exactly what I'm thinking and feeling, and her empathy is unsurpassed. When Kris is channeling energy it's like being wrapped in a warm healing blanket, she is so comforting and gifted. I feel truly blessed to have been the recipient of sessions with Kris, and recommend her services to anyone.

Rochester, NY

~ Marie Loewke

“The power to change the world lies where it always has. Not within offices of power, but within ourselves.”

- Theo Ikummaq -

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